‘Shove It – My Own Worst Summer’

Deadline: 28.02.23



Although we are primarily a photography & art based magazine we accept works in all mediums, whether they are 35mm, scans, digital images, artwork, writing, illustrations…basically anything. If you believe we should feature you then fucking tell us; we’ll probably want to.

Our magazine explores the world of youth culture through the eyes of a grunger, a punk rocker, a day dreamer, anyone who wants to break the rules and say “fuck you” to the norm.

Editorials: we need to make sure that the images we receive are the correct size. For the online magazine they need to be 1200px wide. For print they need to be as big as you can get them to us. Please send over your whole set! If we like your shit then you’ll get a space online; if we really like your shit then you’ll get a place in print, if your shit is fucking mind-blowing then you’ll have a huge editorial so make sure we have enough content. Try to make sure you have a variety of locations, outfit changes or crops to inspire how we display your beautiful work. Always credit your team by sending us everyones’ name.

Who can submit? We don’t care if you just started in this game or whether you’re a big-gun-top-dog, if your work is aesthetically pleasing then you win.

What vibe to submit? We want anything that is aesthetically pleasing. We always want fashion, girls, menswear, summer vibes, skate, bmx, rock n roll, nostalgia, travel, art, and anything provocative in between. By provocative we don’t mean nudity! We are all here to break the rules, but try to avoid pointless nudity. We appreciate well shot and well thought out nude or provocative shots but we wont even think about featuring your mate who likes to get butt neky, on an ikea floating shelf, smoking a joint, listening to odd future. We only want serious art in our magazine! Also avoid overly cliche concepts and poses. Keep it real. Avoid over retouching and photoshop (unless thats part of your art form then that makes sense, but don’t remove someones features or add features so the image becomes lifeless or false). We accept any body shape, size, type or colour.

Photographers & Artists: We accept Jpegs & Tiffs via DropBox or WeTransfer. AVOID ATTACHMENTS, YOUR WEBSITE AND GOOGLE DRIVE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

Videographers: DON’T send us giant files, send us a link first!

Writers: Please proof read all your work before sending them otherwise Mr King will go into meltdown.

Bands & Musicians: Send us your links to Bandcamp/Soundcloud etc and try and include your press photo.

Be aware that when submitting your contribution you agree to grant Off The Rails Magazine the right to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works, distribute, make available to the public, and/or to incorporate your contribution in other works in any media.

It is imperative that your contribution:

– Has not been published elsewhere (Instagram etc is fine but not extensively)
– Is allowed to be used across all our formats and spinoffs
– Is your own original work and that you have the right to make it available (it is your responsibility to clear your decision to submit to us with your models are your team)
– It does not infringe on any law or agreement

Off The Rails Magazine reserve the right to re-edit any imagery and to use cropped versions of your work when producing our editorials and you as an artist understand that the editorial itself is someone’s artwork. We have the rights to remove your editorial at any moment.

We currently get an average of 50 editorials a day, so we can’t always reply to everyone as we just don’t have the time, but please don’t stop submitting. When we see something we like, you’ll know.

All submissions go to

Pull letters and media pack available on request via