Sha Sha , Queen of Amapiano, Releases Her Debut Album

by Emma Balfour

06 Oct 2022 |

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Artist: Sha Sha @shashaofficial1 / Words: Emma Balfour @emmabal4

Queen of the rising Amapiano sound, Sha Sha has very much been accepted as South Africa’s first lady of Amapiano.

Sha Sha has risen like a Phoenix with the release of her debut album I’m Alive which showcases her fusion of Amapiano, Afrobeats and R&B, featuring WizKid, Gabzy and Blxckie.

Welcome to the UK! How are you finding London so far?

It’s my first time out here. I’m loving the energy. I’m loving the vibe. It’s so charming. I’m really looking forward to my performance here.


Is there a UK tour in the horizon?

I’m here right now just to see the vibes, see the nightlife, meet people, and just see what it’s like. I’m definitely, definitely going to be coming back.


You just released your new single with Rowlene “Give me Something”. How did you find the collaboration process and how did you ensure that your vision was maintained?

I mean, with Rowlene, I remember I actually hit her up on the gram and I was like, Yo, I got this beautiful song, the concept was already done, and I kind of just painted the picture to her about what the song was about. We then just kind of vibed with it, it came very naturally and we became good friends after that.

You had a major hit with your track “Tender Love” with DJ Maphorisa, how did that relationship flourish?

It was back in 2017, and I remember I was trying to get into the South African scene. In the mids of all of that, I got in a taxi and the taxi driver’s name was Blessing, he had very dad energy, he would always ask why I was always traveling late at night. I explained to him that it was for recording sessions and he actually said, “Oh I know DJ Maphorisa, I sometimes transport him.” I was like no way! He suggested that he could set up a meeting at the weekend where I could get introduced to him and I was like great! That meeting is where it all started.


Have you always been involved musically as a child? When did it transform from a hobby to a career?

I remember growing up, I never really thought that I could really do this as a career as my path at that time was leading me to nursing. For a very long time I would sing in in choir, in church etc, but I never thought it was something I could really do as a career. Eventually sometime in 2014 I was supposed to go to school, for nursing. As I was doing that, I would also just go to the studio for the fun of it, you know? And one time one of my friends actually took a record of mines to a big radio stations in Harare. The next thing the song started catching heat. And I was like, wow, people actually like this vibe, this is crazy.




Your music crosses a lot of genres. Are there any major influences in terms of artists or music genres that you feel have a large impact on your work?

Yeah, I mean, with me, If I actually really think about the different genres of music I have covered from the start of my career till now it’s actually insane. I did country, rock… I was everywhere and that’s really just the journey of finding my voice. 

As a musician, you listen, it’s important to listen to different types of music because that’s where you kind of draw your inspiration, even though it may be music that you don’t necessarily even usually listen to. I think it’s important for it to live in your subconscious. So with me, I’ve always loved Adele, she is a powerhouse. I also love Afrobeats and of course WizKid.

What can we expect from your debut album I’m Alive

Oh man. Definitely expect to be surprised once again. A lot of people would expect that my whole album is Amapiano, but it’s all different types of genres. There’s R&B, ballads and a lot of surprises. I’m Alive is me introspecting my journey with God, with love and finding myself. For me to be alive there was a death. I was going through a lot of transition during the two years of me creating this album and transition always comes with changes, a lot of pruning, a lot of challenges, all sorts of things. So a lot of things had to die, even things within myself and things just around me, you know, just so I could move into the different space. And through it all, I eventually came out like a Phoenix and came out alive stronger as a better version of myself.


Do you have any music videos planned for the tracks on the album?

Yeah, definitely. I have so far released two videos. There is going to be another upcoming video for one of the singles. I’m hoping to do actually more videos because I’m really in love with this album.

At OffTheRails magazine we celebrate being unapologetically yourself. Something we always ask is what is the most OffTheRails thing that you have done?

Okay, this is quite bad but when I was younger I disappeared from home for like 3 days because I was out partying. When I got back home it was bad (laughs).