Millennials Launch A Healthy Revolution in Beauty

Millennials Launch A Healthy Revolution in Beauty

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In today’s youth culture, trends are increasingly tied into powerful social activist movements. A wave of consciousness surrounding cornerstone issues such as women’s rights in the work environment, LGBT equality, and ethical consumption practices has disrupted and revolutionized many of today’s leading industries.

One shining example can be seen through the powerful changes driven by conscious youth culture to the beauty market.

An industry that has been historically plagued with unethical and unsustainable product development practices, the beauty market has long favored luxury brands- who in fact aggravated the problem- simply because the consumer consensus was that only premium priced brands could deliver top performance.

However, with millennials demanding products that can deliver on performance while standing firmly behind the ethical and environmentally conscious values they upheld, new players have emerged onto the American cosmetic market to satisfy this need and shatter the traditional paradigm. 

Take the organic beauty brand INIKA Organic for example. The Australian organic beauty brand has been able to package the most highly certified organic ingredients in the world into award winning formulas that nourish the skin at the same time they deliver luxury performance. Just as compelling, INIKA Organic’s superior grade cosmetics sell at affordable prices, providing nearly all consumers the option to promote sustainable, cruelty-free beauty with zero compromise to performance.

As the brand has spread worldwide, it has swept up thousands of supporters into its central mission to support vegan, organic sustainability and eliminate the necessity of animal testing by offering superior luxury products at democratic prices. 

Within the U.S., its mission and  signature products such as the Organic BB Cream have been widely embraced, even igniting a sweeping cultural movement.

Many of today’s most prominent fashion and beauty leaders- from supermodels like Rose Betram to activists such as Alina Baikova and actresses such as Jade Weber- have jumped onto the INIKA Organic cultural wave, touting it as the long awaited solution for social conscious consumers who refuse to compromise on their beliefs or the value of product they use.

For a closer look at the values behind INIKA’s healthy revolution or to check out trusted best sellers, take a spin on INIKA’s Websiteor consult their informative youtube tube channel.