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Issue 8 - 498 pages (PRINT)


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P.8  Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard. 

Photographer: Mollie Dendle, Model: Kara Jane Milner.

P.19  Tumbling Dice - The Rolling Stones. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Fiona Briseño.

P.24  Walk, Don’t Run - The Ventures. 

Photographer: Georgia Fitzgerald, Model: Marcus Sivyer.

P.30  Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin. 

Photographer: David Paul Larson, Model: Shelby Isreal.

P.38  Piece of Mind - Boston. 

Photographer: Aysha Banos, Model: Autry

P.44  My Generation - The Who. 

Photographer: Tobin Yelland.

P.56  Sorry Not Sorry - Bryson Tiller. 

Photographer: Sergio Del Amo, Model: Sofiia Chuprikova.

P.70  Red Hot - Mötley Crüe. 

Photographer: Alysha Nett, Model: Danielle Perry. 

P.76  Look Alive - Rae Sremmurd. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Jas Brown.

P.86  Rip It Up - Little Richard. 

Art by Steve Tierney.

P.96  Wicked - Future. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Anne Reisch.

P.114  Jesse Jo Stark. 

Photographer: Gilbert Pereda.

P.120  Torn - Natalie Imbruglia. 

Photographer: Karel Chladek, Models: Kate & Sara.

P.132  Play Ball - AC/DC. 

Photographer: Kale Ross, Model: Gabby Schorr.

P.144  Summer Without A Pool Season 2.

Photographer: Sarah Bahbah, Models: Maddy, Lily Sullivan & Kaya Holl.

P.162  Sugar - System of a Down. 

Photographer: Levon Muradian, Model: Stephany Ortega.

P.176  Hot in Herre - Nelly. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Lottie Kemp.

P.198  More Than a Feeling - Boston. 

Photographer: Nadya Koropey.

P.208  Ladies Hit Squad - Skepta. 

Photographer: Kate Logan, Models: Ruby Bellinger and Keira Brigham.

P.218  No Problem - Chance The Rapper. 

Photographer: Tarek Mawad, Model/Artist: Babak.

P.222  Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen. 

Photographer: Carly Dame, Model: Alexa Safran.

P.236  Crazy Crazy Nights - KISS. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Models: Tiffany & Taliah Sanderson 

& Klaudia Kwiatkowska

P.268  Key to the Streets - YFN Lucci. 

Photographer: Xavi Simancas.

P.282  Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys. 

Photographer: Aldo Carrera, Model: Talia.

P.292  The Art of Partying - Municipal Waste. 

Photographer: Lyubomir Ignatov.

P.294  Slow - Kylie Minogue. 

Photographer: Joaquin Burgueño, Model: Alba Rosso.

P.302  All The Way Up - Fat Joe. 

Photographer: Jenny Marie Hviding, Models: Abalaye Dadinio Jhones & Brandon Malboneige.

P.306  Only Heather - Wild Nothing. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Heather Parrish.

P.312  Heaven’s On Fire - KISS. 

Photographer: Frederik Barasinski, Model: Laura.

P.328  Bad Intentions - Niykee Heaton. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Dajana Rads.

P.332  Hey Baby - Bruce Channel. 

Photographer: Ashley Callaghan, Model: Kaylee Johnson.

P.342  You Really Got Me - The Kinks. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Sarah Stephens.

P.358  New Bae - Vic Mensa. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Alice Lucy.

P.364  Break On Through - The Doors. 

Photographer: Demi van der Starre, Model: Anastasia BLUEMOLOKO.

P.374  Overnight - Desiigner. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Blair Sinnott. 


P.390  THat Part - School boy Q 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Mimi Elashiry. 

P.398  Juice - Future. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Masha Gutic. 

P.406  Give Me the Cure - Fugazi. 

Photographer: Arthur Oscar, Model: Olga Kobzar.

P.416  You Make Me Wanna... - Usher. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Jessica Talbot-Smith.

P.424  House of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture. 

Photographer: Will G MacNeil, Models: Kera Lester.

P.430 Want You Bad - The Offspring. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Zoe Elyse.

P.436  Really Really - Kevin Gates. 

Photographer: Daniel Luxford, Model: Andi Plowman.

P.440  Charlotte - Kittie. 

Photographer: Vladimir Neri, Model: Charlotte Anderson.

P.446  Strutter - KISS. 

Photographer: Joseph Collier, Model: Serena Foshey.

P.458  Riot Girl - Good Charlotte. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Molly Owen.

P.476  Holy Hole Inna Donut - KAYTRANADA. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Claudia Thompson.

P.478  Wishing - DJ Drama. 

Photographer: Sergio del Amo, Model: Säsha Davison 

& Sierrah Hull.

P.484  You Could Be Mine - Guns N’ Roses. 

Photographer: Carly Dame, Model: Lily Vogt.