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Issue 7 - 250 pages (PRINT)


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P.6  Fade - Kanye West. 

Photographer: Kenn Perry, Model: Cynda Mcelvana.

P.16  Let Go - Tinie Tempah. 

Photographer: Matt Adam, Model: Sarah Simmons. 

P.22  Badass - Bouncing Souls. 

Photographer: Oda Bakkeli Eide, Model: Alice Stoner.

P.28  Ride - Lana Del Rey. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, 

Feature: Team Wiggins of the Team GB Olympic Team.

P.50  She Was Hot - The Rolling Stones. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Chloe Lloyd.

P.64  Go Flex - Post Malone. 

Photographer: Justin Hardiman, Model: Keylone Paris.

P.68  Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix. 

Photographer: Paul Coutherut.

P.81  Wicked - Future. 

Photographer: Vicky Grout, Model: Lily Bridger.

P.84  Pineapple Express - Huey Lewis and the News. 

Photographer: Matt Solomon, Model: Montana Lower. 

P.90  Holiday In The Sun - Pennywise. 

Photographer: Levon Muradian, Model: Brooke Lynn Buchanan.

P.98  Anesthesia - Bad Religion. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Payton Grantham.

P.110  Pull My Strings - Dead Kennedys. 

Photographer: Gerald Larocque, Models: Bridget and Annie.

P.124  Horror Business - Misfits. 

Art by JrPC

P.130  Hybrid Moments - Misfits. 

Photographer: Kailas, Model: Maddy Welch. 

P.140  New Rose - The Damned. 

Photographer: Dieter Brandenberg, Model: Jasmine Clark.

P.144  Pop Style - Drake. 

Photographer: Aldo Carrera, Model: Abby Hill.

P.150  Them Bones - Alice In Chains. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Abigail Kitchen.

P.161  The Best I Ever Had - The Swellers. 

Photographer: Max Montgomery, Model: Carmella Rose.

P.164  Formation - Beyoncé. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Chantel Jeffries.

P.168  This Ain’t No Picnic - Minutemen. 

Photographer: Shayne Zwickel, Model: Hailey Cartier.

P.172  Turn The Season - Fucked Up. 

Photographer: Lyubomir Ignatov.

P.180  In The City - The Jam. 

Photographer: Sven Gutjahr, Models: Saskia Jung & Dustin Hanke.

P.189  One Night - Lil Yachty. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Models: Jessica Buch & Zaina Gohou.

P.196  Strive - ASAP Ferg. 

Photographer: Katja Kremenic in Cape Town, Model: Lilly Kirsten.

P.204  Hurry Up And Wait - Stereophonics. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Eden.

P.214  Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - The Ramones. 

Photographer: Marie Tomanova, Model: Nikola Jocic.

P.224  Cut It - O.T. Genasis. 

Photographer: Bryan Rodner Carr, Model: Jordy Murr.

P.238  Placement - Letdown. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Marissa Luck

P.242  Tonight I’m Burning - Bombshell Rocks. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Olivia G