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'A Western Romance'

In this issue we dig deeper into our artists interpretation of 'Romance'. As artists we see romance in all situations. Romance isn't just a love for a partner or a moment shared with your significant other. It's in everything. It's how we interact with the world around us. A solo drink watching a sunset. A road trip through the desert. The relationship between siblings and friends. A nostalgic look back into romantic ideologies and how they've shaped todays moments. Some people say romance is dead. With this issue we show you romance is most certainly not dead.

Our secondary theme in this issue is our positive obsession with everything 'Western'. This is a theme that will always run in our magazines but it's prevalent in 14.

We dig into the world of Mike Miller and talk to him about working with Tupac and dodging bullets in Compton. Our boy Bryan Rodner Carr shows us the relationship between The Fly Twins. Alice Dellal takes us into the underworld of her friends as she documents her world around her. We have an incredible photo journal living amongst the sand by our new favourite Matthew Thorne. Illustrations by Jessica Bird that was born backstage with Vivienne Westwood. Road trippin' Texas and beyond with Hulya Corty. We go on tour with Frank Carter and those pesky Rattlesnakes. Aaron Crossman & Gabriella Brooks go on a western beach adventure. We feature the very first fashion editorial from the Central African Republic, ruled by warlords for decades, this is rare imagery coming from CAR. Cheyenne Randall treats us to a look of his new work inspired by his Native American ancestors. And GRLSWRL shows us that Dog Town is still influencing our world.

It's a beautiful thang.

The best Art & Photography from around the world exclusively for Off The Rails.

210 pages. 330+ photographs or pieces of art. 90+ Models/Subjects. 70+ Artists. 40+ powerful visual stories or series.


Aaron Crossman • Alexa King • Alexandra Layus • Alice Dellal • Alysha Nett • Amy Verity • Balazs M • Brett Walker • Brooke Olimpieri • Bryan Rodner Carr • Charlotte Burton • Cheyenne Randall • Chris Swainston • Cory Vanderploeg • Dominique Alexandre Fiteu • Duran Levinson • Frank Van Bennekom • Graham Nation • Hülya • Jamie Muck • Jessica Bird • Joe Hunt • Joel Smedley • Joonbug • Josh Beech 
• Lena Davidoff • Levon Muradian • Linzie Elliott • Marina Vengut • Matisse Andrews • Matthew Comer • Matthew Thorne • Mike Miller • Natasha Wiseman • Nola Palmer • Piers Bosler • Richard Davies • Romain Hirtz • Sarah Louise Kinsella • Saule Studio • Shane Rad • Stephan Small • Sticks And Stones Agency • Thomas Dherte • Troy Freyee • Victoria Smith • Viktor Tägt Ring • Zac Booth


A$ap Rocky • Alicia Davis • Aly Berry • Apphia Castillo • Ashley Smith • Brook Power • Brooke Perry • Carine Zara Atwere • Charissa Snyman • Cody Callahan • Compton Cowboys • Eazy E • Elin Warnqvist • Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes • Gabriella Brooks • Gene Edelstein • Grlswirl • Hope & Grace Fly • Hunter • Ice Cube • Ice T • Isabella Carr • Jay Alvarrez • Jimmy Q • Kam • Kellee Aleman • Kerry Ann • Leiza Jaz • Lucia Matis • Nick Lacy • Nola Palmer • Sammy Allsop • Sarah Christelle Gouandjika • Sarah Curr • Scout Pritchett • Siobhan Perry • Snoop Dogg • Sophia Hadjipanteil • Spencer Ryan • Stewart Clementz • Susanna Emi • Sylvana Gertrude Yangue • Tupac Shakur • VC Pines • Warren G • Zoe Elyse

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