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‘Come As You Are’

Editor's Letter: (skip to below for content info)

In this issue we had always planned to remind everyone, whether you are a featured artist or a viewer, that being yourself is all we are interested in. The phrase 'Come As You Are' penned originally by Kurt Cobain, perfectly expresses everything we believe in and everything we feel; without having to go into each area of what we apply it to. Your style of work, your dress sense, your music taste, your sexual orientation, your colour, your beliefs. Everything. Art & Photography is a visual representation of the world we are in right now. A timestamp of today, despite whether it's been influenced by the past or a time to come. 

Whilst planning this issue we didn't see a global pandemic hitting us, nor did we see a global revolution starting to build. A year we will all want to forget but what we take from this year could be a positive thing. When we look back at the first half of 2020, we will remember how hard it was, but that doesn't mean we can't use what's happened to propel ourselves into 2021.

At the beginning of 2020, we presented a piece of art in Issue 15 that held the message 'It's time to move the fuck on' with 2020 dashed across it. That was initially our way of leaving the terrible year of 2019 behind. When you look at it now, it was almost a prophetic piece; 2020 is a year we will need to move on from, for the better of us all. 

16 had started to become an issue that we thought we may have to skip. Or at least not spend as much time on because how would we do it? Everything and everyone was locked down, globally. Then the contributors? We rely on artists being able to express their creativity freely. What we didn't expect is people to adapt so quickly. From FaceTime shoots to this entire mag being built by video message. 

As soon as the issue started shaping up, we realised it was far too impressive to just rush or push out digitally like we've seen other magazines do (totally understandable). This was quickly becoming the best issue we've done. It's taken 3 times longer to do because of the scenario we found ourselves in, but the final presentation is worth it. - COMER

Inside The Magazine

In Issue 16 we mix it up a little. We look into the world of 'FaceTime Photography' with Tom Mitchell and others, as we find ourselves having to work differently and therefore our content represents that. We tap into our global village to speak with mikeflo. and many others artists regarding the current flight for black liberty and documenting the world around us as this happens. We talk to VEMIX about recreating history, to the extent of the world believing these incredible photoshopped images that he creates are the real deal. We see bold Cover stories from Sarah Pardini & George Heaton starring Lyena Kang & MeekzHigher Power hit their Brooklyn show bang at the beginning of the global pandemic as they all fought Covid. Drake Alexander takes us on a journey into his world as Savannah McMillan revisits her exhibitions to help the NHS. Artist Tejumola Adenuga blows us away with his dot work while the bold colours and installations of Julia Benz brings life to us all. We welcome back the incredible David Bellemere with a new exclusive editorial with Lola Alcaluzac, as well as new work from George Holz & Mike Miller.

CONTRIBUTORS (even more in the digital edition)

Alysha Nett • Anne Greene • Art Comes First • Billy Henry • Brian Venth • Casie Wendel • Celina Kenyon • Chris Swainston • Christian Navarro • Clément Decoster • Darrel Hunter • David Bellemere • David Pattinson • Deftome • Devinn Pierre • Drake AlexanderEden Tarn • Emiliano Silva • Erika Flynn • Filthy Mouth • Frank Van Bennekom • George Heaton • George Holz • Helena Lu • Henry Dean • Iman Makzume • John Cirone • Jonathan Benbaruk • Josh Beech • Joshua Drakes • Julia Benz • Keil Tommi Jr • Kevin Gracia • Kevin Sanon • Kimi Mikawa • Lamique Farrell • Larsen Sotelo • Lee Barber • Lenaig Chatel • Levon Muradian • Liam Burnett-blue • Lucille Croft • Marilena Vlachopoulou • Marin Troude • Martin Potter • Matt Sheehan • Matthew Comer • Mavic Castro • Michael Russo • Mike Miller • Mikeflo. • Nat Wood • Ouigi Theodore • Oz Barak • Phillip Reardon • Rom Anthonis • Sam Jackson • Sam Lambert • Sarah Pardini • Sarah Robinson • Savannah Mcmillan • Sebastian Mueuer-soppart • Sergio Del Amo • Shaka Maidoh • Stephan Small • Tejumola Adenuga Tom Mitchell • Troy Freyee • Vemix • Vilerx Perez • Vincent Bugg • Weia Tan


Abi Fox • Agustina Ruiz • Ainsley Hutchence • Akihito Wauke • Alex Pearson • Alexa Van • Alexis Bumgarner • Alvaro Silveira • Alysha Nett • Amelia Kidd • Anna Lee • Anouck Escribano • Antonina Kosior • Arina Fedorova • Asante M • Audrey Minnard • Beth Humphries • Beth Hurrell • Bethan Sowerby • Brooke Huber • Cal Mac • Camille Corlouer • Celine Brooks • Cheyenne Gordon • Chris Virzi • Christina Hlybova • Clara Jade • Coco Aregheore • Dani Doll • Darya Kosilova • Delchambre Geoffrey • Eleonor Delecluse • Eliza • Emily Moran • Gabby Adrian • Gold Star • Grace Ellington • Henriett Barabás • Higher Power • Jacob Bengel • Jaelyn Barth • Jamaal Stevens • Jamie Russell • Jasmin Michelle • Jennifer Hope • Jessie Melgo • Jude Rose • Kait Algoso • Kara Milner • Kate Olthoff • Katya • Keil Tommi Jr. • Kendell Cotta • Kenza Calvillo • Klaudia K • Kylie Rae Hall • Laurel Hicks • Larissa Marielle • Lisa Kuhn • Lois Schindeler • Lola Alcaluzac • Lola Courel • Lottie Kemp • Louane Lefranc • Lucille Croft • Luke Walker • Lyena Kang • Maddii Sutton • Margot De Araùjo Brugal • Mariana Salaru • Marin Troude • Martina Gilchrist • Meekz • Mila Rabini • Miranda Richards • Molly Smith • Monnie Kaur • Montana Morris • Natasja Madsen • Ness • Page Ruth • PK Holdbrook • Rachel Lynch • Rachel Spencer • Rachell Jugg • Raquel • Raven Lissette • Reina Silva • Rex Adams • Roxy Horner • Ryan Kelly • Sabine Khabiri • Sabrina Reboll • Sainte • Sally Zemour • Sam Lambert • Sara Blusseau • Sarah Abshire • Sarah Cazeneuve • Sarah Stephens • Shaka Maidoh • Shideh Kafei • Soukaïna Hafdane • Summer Betti • Sydney Benjamin • Takashi • Taylor • Taylor Lashae • TJ • Victoria Hoad • Victoria Rossi • Yui Kato

2Pac • A$AP Rocky • AC/DC • Au/Ra • Björk • Björn Skifs • Black Sabbath • Blue Swede • Blur • Bob Dylan • Cigarette After Sex • The Corrs • Cypress Hill • DAF • Dead Prez • Dolly Parton • Extreme • Fever Ray • Five • Frankie Vaughan • Garth Brooks • Hank Williams • Higher Power • Jessie Ware • Johnny Cash • Judas Priest • Kanye West • Kendrick Lamar • The Kooks • Lil Peep • Little Richard • LL Cool J • Lou Reed • M.I.A • Meekz • Michael Kiwanuka • Motörhead • Mystery Jets • N.E.R.D • Nirvana • Oasis • Octavian • Pixies • Prince • Radiohead • Rage Against The Machine • Sharon Van Etten • Show Dem Camp • Slowthai • Smith & Thell • The Streets • Supertramp • Swayvey Maybxch • Tina Arena • Train • The Weeknd • Yeah Yeah Yeahs