Off The Rails Co.
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DIGITAL Issue 9 - 428 pages


P.8  Ice Scream - Raekwon. 

Photographer: Francesc Planes, Model: Lydia Garcia. 

P.20  Too Much Sauce - DJ Esco. 

Photographer: Irella Konof, Model: Lola Dikova. 

P.34  Suite-Pee - System Of A Down.

Photographer: Levon Muradian, Model: Ashleigh Rae.

P.56  We Laugh Indoors - Death Cab for Cutie. 

Photographer: Johan Nieuwenburg, Model: Rochi Dangelo.

P.62  Batter Up - Mike Stud. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Josie Canseco.

P.74  In Bloom - Nirvana. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Hannah Snowdon.

P.98  Don’t Speak - No Doubt. 

Photographer: Ophelie Rondeau, Models: Erika Janavi, Louise Hedblomo, Danielle Sams & Gerda.

P.114  Heroes - David Bowie. 

Photographer: Ellen Dixon, Models: Dean, Sam, Nathan & Merran.

P.122  Going to California - Led Zepplin. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Model: Elle Brittain.

P.168  I Melt with You - Modern English. 

Photographer: George Stratigis, Model: Viktoria Möller. 

P.174  Atmosphere - Joy Division. 

Photographer: Matthew Comer, Models: Shelby Bay & Alexandra Morris.

P.214  Holding Sand - Rival Schools. 

Photographer: Ethan Gulley, Model: Kelsey Christian.

P.222  Pretty When You Cry - Lana Del Rey. 

Photographer: Aldo Carrera, Models: Baylee and Kelsey Soles.

P.248  Crazy Beat - Blur. 

Photographer: Mollie Dendle, Model: Rico Ventura.

P.258  Miles Away - Your Demise. 

Photographer: Raskal, Models: Tori Levett & Karina Chorley.

P.272  Rapture - Deftones. 

Photographer: Mollie Dendle, Model: Klaudia Kwiatkowska. 

P.287  Ever Fallen in Love? - Buzzcocks. 

Photographer: Ashley Callaghan, Model: Scarlett Davis.

P.298  Last Mile Home - Kings Of Leon. 

Photographer: Bradley Luna Wilson, Model: Heaven Starr.

P.310  Lucky You - Deftones. 

Photographer: Daniele Arrigo, Model: Cristina Visterneanu.

P.326  Dressed In Night Clothes - Will Haven. 

Photographer: Caitlin Alannah, Model: Hannah Conaboy.

P.332  Anyways - The Starting Line. 

Photographer: Mariana Garcia, Model: Yazmin.

P.346  Driving Force - Stick to Your Guns. 

Photographer: Emmet Green, Model: Kepsibel Kombi.

P.354  Outside View - Eater. 

Photographer: Leonardo Glauso, Model: Rox.

P.368  Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash. 

Photographer: Naomi Y, Model: Isabela Manara.

P.378  Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones. 

Photographer: Dimetri Hogan, Model: Yara Khmidan.

P.387  Jewel of the Summertime - Audioslave. 

Photographer: Alexander Tull, Model: Evegenia Bagshaw.

P.398  People of the Sun - Rage Against the Machine. 

Photographer: Mario Ogle, Models: Micaela & Tayla Beaumont.

P.410  Kashmir - Led Zepplin. 

Photographer: Monica Milla, Model: Connie Furneaux.