About Us


A lifestyle. An attitude.

Led by creative tastemakers, we are fiercely nostalgic, loudly authentic and unapologetically inclusive. Rebels with a cause.

For over twenty years we have delivered unique energy and soul into global brands’ campaign shoots and production, weaving our DNA into others journey’s.

We produce a beautiful world class journal made by and for artists showcasing photography, art, music and fashion, in print in 36 countries.

And now OffTheRails proudly presents our unisex streetwear collection. Exceptional hardware and detailing. Oversized AF and crafted to last.

Rock & roll isn’t dead, she lives here.

Peace and love.

Team OTR.



Matthew Comer: Founder/Editor-in-chief/Photographer – matthew@offtherailsmag.com
Lee Barber: Founder/Managing Director/Senior Editor – info@offtherailsmag.com
Mike King: Commercial Director – mike@offtherailsmag.com
Ty Hancocks: Head of Design
Aaron Mellor: Jedi Master – Global Events Coordinator
Emma Balfour: Head of Communications

Cal Mac: Fashion Director/Stylist
Amy Verity: Senior Stylist – amy@offtherailsmag.com
Charlotte Burton: Senior Stylist – charlotte.burton@offtherailsmag.com
Keil Fieldhouse Jr: Menswear Style Co-Ordinator – keil@offtherailsmag.com
Stephan Small: Staff Photographer
Will Goddard: Projects Coordinator and Writer
Eleanore Chetcuti: Creative Director
Sian Nuttall: Creative Director
G2: DJ/Presenter
Sonja Heath: Gallerist – @Mazegallery
James Parry: Gallerist – @Mazegallery
Rhiannon Lagden: Stylist
Alex Bather: Video Director
Cameron Ward: Video Director
Laura Mae-Bowes: Actress/Model/Presenter

Courtney Mc: Creative Director

Josh Beech: Music Editor/Photographer/Presenter – LA – josh@offtherailsmag.com
Sam Jackson: Creative Director – New York
Levon Muradian: Creative Director – LA
Alysha Nett: Creative Director/Photographer – San Diego
Billy Henry: Staff Photographer – LA
Stephanie Crume: Collage Artist – @Brokenartcollage
Austin Call: Portrait Artist – @Duhrivative
Sarah Pardini: Creative Director – LA
Alysha Nett: Creative Director/Photographer – Kansas City
Chris Swainston: Staff Photographer – LA
Milly Holmes: Staff Photographer – NYC
Tiffani Williams: Stylist – NYC

Ben Anderson: Staff Photographer – Melbourne
Troy Freyee: Creative Director – Gold Coast



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