‘Lust For Life’ Issue 15

In our last issue of 2019 we remind ourselves that life is for living. 2019 was an unusual year and let’s face it the last decade was questionable. But now “we are in the future, Morty!” The beginning of Season 3 takes us flying towards 2020 at major speed. This issue is a celebration of modern visual art with a retrospective inspiration.

After the success of talking in depth about the experiences and processes of photographic icons with Mike Miller (OTR14) and Jono White (OTR13) we decided to keep this feature going. So who is our Icon for Issue 15? We interview the incredible George Holz about his path to success from small town Phoenicia, NY, population 306, assisting the likes of Helmut Newton (after stalking him of course), all the way from making just enough money to pay for ‘Another week of film and food’ to shooting all the iconic celebrities we know and idolise today. It’s a big deal y’all. We explored the epic poster art of Matt Cunningham and fall in love with his nostalgic vision and all round rock’n’roll attitude. We have an exclusive series from one of our favourite photographers David Bellemere (and some cats.) We look at the curated journal of Tim Swallow and how he makes seemingly real snapshots of life from spontaneous moments in already planned shoots. Art from Tyler Spangler brings us a huge pop of colour and vibes, Alysha Nett returns with her killer style of photography that was by far the favourite in Issue 14 and we take a ride with Mr James Dean himself, artist Chris Moon. It’s one helluva ride!

We present to you our first proper ‘coming of age’ issue. Season 3 is born.

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